Thursday, November 26, 2009

Apples Fall 2009

Not Quite There

About: My ideas of life and believes are not quite developed yet… I want my “apples” to be separate and roll… a bit frustrating. “Deseperacion”
*Acrylic on wood 7x 7inches Weight .5 pounds
Artist: Connie Fitzpatri

Mi Mami

I made this when I found out my grandma (mi mami) had breast cancer. *Acrylic on wood 7x 7inches Weight .5 pounds
Artist: Connie Fitzpatrick

 Angie Ramirez

Inspired by my friend Angie- about simplicity in life/ taking unnecessary layers out/ the beauty of pure nature. *Acrylic on wood 7x 7inches Weight .5 pounds
Artist: Connie Fitzpatrick


  1. I really liked the last one!!! and i didn't know the sencond one were breasts!LOL

  2. Very interesting concept!and nicely interpreted!